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Proudly Helping Union Families Since 2004
United Steelworkers 8580 Hawkesbury (80 members on strike since July
05).  December 19 - Operation Christmas Cheer delivered over 150 grocery
bags filled with cans of food and package dry goods to the picket lines of USW
8580.  Each member collecting strike pay received bags of groceries, a $100
grocery gift cards and all of their children (under 18) received a $25 gift.
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada 31X Espanola
(15 members on strike since Sept 05).  December 23 - each member collecting
strike pay received a $50 grocery gift card.
    57 different union locals in Canada, Washington D.C, Oregon, Montana and Virginia
    choose to get involved in OCC this year.  They sent a clear message that labour
    cares about their Brothers and Sisters and that we do stand beside them in
    solidarity.  They volunteered their time, wrote checks to sponsor families and
    wrote personal notes of encouragement to ‘stay strong’ and keep fighting for a
    fair/equal settlement for all members. 2005 Sponsors, Supporters, Contributors
I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for organizing Operation
Christmas Cheer.

The members of my local who have been
on strike since September 23,2005
greatly appreciate the financial
donations that was provided by all
participating locals.

Your effort and generosity will never be

Yours in Solidarity,
Dan Lacasse
President - CEP 31x Espanola

Thank you very much for all the support for
our members walking the line in Hawkesbury.
Your tremendous support will allow our
members to last one day longer. The
Companies Corporate agenda at the
bargaining table is unconscionable.

Our members resolve to win is incredible.
With your support we will win. So once again
thank you so much for your help.

Wayne Fraser
USW Director District 6
Ontario and Atlantic Canada