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December 29
Grocery Gift cards and words of support have been delivered today to CEP 37 x in Timmins
and USW 1-2693 in Thunder Bay.  The 2008 Operation Christmas Cheer campaign has
been a huge success and our mission has been completed!  The picket-line press will be
published and sent out by the 2nd week of January.  
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December 23
Cheer was delivered to the 107 members CEP 132-0 in Toronto.  Their picket-line is at the
bottom of the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Express.. a dangerous location!  Again the
weather was brisk and cold but spirits were high.  
Bob Huget, Barb Dolan and Kim Ginter
from CEP Ontario
were there to help us hand out the bags of food, toys and grocery gift
John Cartwright of the Toronto District Labour Council and Paul Clifford
brought words of encouragement and support.   Special Thanks to CEP
for providing every child with a stocking, the Ontario Nurses for making sure each
child received a toy and last but most certainly not least..
Maureen Dawson, Brad
Honywill and all the members of CEP 87M-SONG
.  CEP 87M donated office space to
sort the 107 bags of food and the volunteers.  Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!!
December 22
Today we delivered Cheer to the picket-line of ATU 685, and USW 1-500.  CAW 397's
picket-line came down when their employer declared bankruptcy so the Cheer was delivered
to their office in the Labour Centre.  It was cold outside but spirits were high.  Special
Thanks to
Gary MacDonald of the BDLC.  He rallied volunteers and made sure every child
received a toy!
December 21
OCC spent the day at the Brantford District Labour Council with many volunteers from USW,
ATU and CAW.  We unloaded, sorted and bagged food for 188 families.
December 19
Cheer was delivered to USW 271G's Picket-line in Erin today!  55 Members received bags of
food, grocery gift cards and toys for their children.  The weather was nasty and blizzard like.  
Pictures will be up loaded soon.
December 16
$19,580 has been raised!  Today OCC picked up boxes and bags overflowing with
generous donations from
Marlene Rivier's local - OPSEU 479 (Ottawa Royal Hospital)
donated in kind by her members
.  For an entire week, volunteers set up a table during
lunch time to accept donated toys, non-perishable food and pocket change.  They are a
small local with a GIGANTIC heart and they are the epitome of Operation Christmas Cheer!  

Shawn from CAW 1106 in Kitchener will be delivering boxes of toys of behalf of his
members to the Brantford and District Labour Council tomorrow.  Their membership has
stepped up to the plate and they are making sure NO family is forgotten this Christmas.  

United Steelworkers Oshawa office and Marty Warren USW District 6 have been
extremely busy collecting toys for families.  Apparently Santa will need a few more helpers
and another sleigh or two in order to transport all they toys they've collected.  WELL DONE.

There is NO doubt that these people/locals/offices (and many many more!) are making
Christmas MUCH brighter for many families facing hardship!!!!
December 15
As of today, $18,460 has been raised and $3,400 has been pledged.  Late last week,
CAW 397 was notified that their employer, Alumetco-Burlington Technologies was filing for
bankruptcy.  These Brothers and Sisters now have no hope of returning to work before
Christmas or of any kind of severance.  OCC has made arrangements to deliver Labours
Cheer to them at the Brantford and District Labour Council.
December 7
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - 12 days left until OCC starts delivering Cheer to
picket-lines across the province!

I was in Toronto last week for my locals negotiations and I came home to a mail box full of
kind wishes and support.  I am pleased to report that as of Sunday morning.. $11,350 has
been raised and $3,650 has been pledged!  Special thanks to
Herb Daniher USW Staff
Rep in Thunder Bay
!  He spread the Cheer to our Northern Western Ontario locals and
made a big difference!  

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't extend  heartfelt thanks to all locals of the
Secondary School Teachers Federation - FEESO, specifically President, Kenneth
.  Their annual generous support brought me to tears and renewed hope that our
goal of supporting 527 families this Christmas is possible!  Thank you - Thank you Thank
December 1  
As of this morning, $2,600 has been raised and another $700. has been pledged.  18 Day left and 494 families still
need sponsors.  Special Thanks to the
Timmins & District Labour Council for spreading the Cheer on to all it's
November 24
$1,050 has been raised as of today!  Every Monday updates will be posted here.

CEP Ontario Regional Vice President, Bob Huget, sent out a letter to all Ontario Locals informing them of OCC

More than 2,000 PSAC - UPCE - Union of Postal Communications Employees have been on strike against Canada
Post since Nov 17, 2008.  They were forced to strike to protest against the corporation's efforts to impose a new short
term disability system that was clearly rejected by almost 9 out of 10 of those employees.
Approximately 1,000 members are located in Ontario.
November 12, 2008
Operation Christmas Cheer officially launches 2008 campaign!  OCC is respectfully asking your local, union,
committee, council or region to take action, support and cheer on our Brothers and Sisters who are fighting for their
rights on picket-lines across Ontario.

As of today, we have 8 Ontario union locals on strike representing 3,927 Brothers and Sisters.  The need has
never/ever been greater and these locals need your help!
  • ATU 685 Brantford - 25 members
  • CAW 397 Brantford - 85 members
  • CUPE 3903 Toronto - 3,400 members
  • CEP 37x Timmins - 104 members
  • CEP 132-0 Toronto - 107 members
  • USW 271 G Cambridge - 55 members
  • USW 500 Brantford - 86 members
  • USW 1-2693 Thunder Bay - 65 members

Operation Christmas Cheer has pledged support to the following locals who are facing extended labour disputes and
extreme hardship;
 ATU 685, CAW 397, CEP 37x, CEP 132-0, USW 271G, USW 500 and USW 1-2693.  

Because CUPE 3903 has 3,400 members on strike, it is a challenge for OCC to make the commitment and ensure that
each Brother and Sister would receive a food hamper.  We wish we could, but unfortunately we are unable to.  It is our
hope that their solidarity makes York University rethink their unreasonable concession demands and quickly forces
management back to the table with a fair contract for workers.  If the strike continues into December, OCC will reach
out to help as many of their members as possible.

Ontario has been hit hard by the economic down-turn with every community, from every corner in the province being
effected.  Employer concessions have so far forced 8 locals on strike.  The reality is that many locals are currently in
contentious negotiations and more strikes/lock-outs could happen before Christmas.  

Every dollar, non-perishable food and toy collected by OCC goes directly into the hands of our Brothers and Sisters
walking the picket-lines and the communities in which we live.  OCC pledges to support as many union families in
hardship as possible this Christmas.  
December 29th, 2008
111 Unions, Labour Councils and Committees donated $37,291.88 to the 2008
Operation Christmas Cheer campaign.  What we collectively achieved in less than 6 weeks
is nothing short of extraordinary!

86 Volunteers scattered all across the province donated their precious time and
campaigned hard on behalf of the 527 families on strike/lockout.  Together we collected and
337 bags overflowing with groceries.  188 toys were picked up and delivered to
the 5 unions on strike/lockout in the Greater Toronto Area.  

527 Families in Erin, Toronto, Brantford, Timmins and Thunder Bay received bags of food
and or grocery gift cards this Holiday Season.  

Operation Christmas Cheer is only possible because of the kindness, support and
encouragement from organized labour across Ontario.  YOU have helped to make
Christmas much brighter for many families fighting for their right to collectively bargain a
contract with decent wages and conditions this Holiday Season.  

Pictures and videos of each picket-line Operation Christmas Cheer visited will be uploaded
in the next several days.  
The Picket-Line Press will be published the 2nd
week of January.
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Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous
New Year.  Best wishes in 2009!

In Solidarity,
Casandra Robinson