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Proudly Helping Union Families Since 2004
CUPW Local 566 - London
Please accept this trade union donation from the Canadian Union
of Postal Workers Local 566 in support for your cause.  Workers
united can never be defeated against the ruthless attacks by
shamless employeers.  To quote our CUPW motto : THE
Public Service Alliance of Canada - Ottawa
Thank you for your leadership on this iniative.  We will have a group of members going to the picket lines later this week
and next in case you may want late deliveries to make. Do let us know if we can help.  Ed
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 279 - Ottawa
Please find enclosed ATU Local 279's donation to Operation Christmas Cheer.  Our Executive Board was deeply moved by
your plea for assistance for these loclas who have been on prolonged strike and lock out.  The actions of their employers are
indeed unconscionable.  

Please bring with you our sincerest expression of solidarity with these workers and their families.  We hope that Operation
Christmas Cheer will make the holidays a little more managable for our Brothers and Sisters in distress.  We wish them all
success in their struggles in the New Year.  On a more personal note, thank you for organizing this project.  It is great to know
that we have a pro-active union friendly business within our community.  
In Solidarity, Andre - President
CEP Local 324 - Dryden
On behalf of CEP local 324, we would like to extend our
deepest thanks for your efforts.  We would also like to
extend our warmest wishes to you and OCC.  Shelly - CEP 324
Kingston & District Labour Council
I want to thank you for taking the innovative to provide help for the union  families on strike at this time of year with a measure
of true union  solidarity and caring.  I know the feeling you get while on a picket line.  It's lonely at times, however support
from other union folks injects a magnificent amount of good feeling and lets our brothers and sisters know they are not
forgotten. Your efforts to organize support have surely made a difference for these members in a difficult situation at this time
of year.  Thank you, our council was proud to support your efforts!  In solidarity,  Peter Boyle, President
United Steelworkers local 11-470 - ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil Groups - Montana
Please find enclosed our modest donation to your Operation Christmas Cheer fund.  We hope this helps bring a little joy to
your membership during tough times.  Our local is a charter member of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers (OCAW)
Adopt-A-Family Program.  This program is intended to help those on strike or locked-out.  We are in a position to divert our
monthly allotment directly to your group, if needed.  Please notify me at the address on this letterhead to let us know your
needs.  Wade - President
CEP National - Ottawa
By all accounts your visit to Timmins was a real success.  I'm sure all the members of loclas appreciated your efforts.  I've
written an article on OCC for the next edition of the CEP Journal.  I hope you like it.  It was good to see you at the CLC
Women's conference and I look forward to seeing you again sometime.  In Solidarity,  Bob
AIL Canada/American Income Life - Operation Cheer is definitely the angel for these striking workers.  Roger-CEO
USW 9597 - Ontario
Please find enclosed a donation from our members of USW 9597.  I set up a challenge this year for all members to meet or
beat my donation.  We hope this donation helps make some fellow union members Christmas a little bit merrier!
USGE Local 00038 - Public Service Alliance of Canada - Kingston
THANKS so much for the info.  Looks like your people are having a tough time of it.  Glad to help out.  We're a small local,
but VERY strong.  Please find enclosed a cheque as a donation from Union of Solicitor General Employees (USGE) local
00038 at Collins Bay Institution.  This donation is to be used to purchase a Christmas Hamper for the striking union locals
in Hawkesbury Ontario (USW 8580, USW/8794, USA 7940.  Mary
CEP Local 1999 - London
The members of  CEP local 1999, a home services split off from the utility Union Gas, would  like to help our Brothers and
Sisters.  We would like to donate to Operation Christmas Cheer giving 5 families a Christmas dinner.  Good luck with your
fundraiser.  Marc
Union of National Defence Employees local 70607 - Ottawa
On Behalf of the members of our local here in Ottawa please accept the encloused financial donation as a symbol of our
support for the United Steelworkers local 8580.  Perhaps it can brighten the Christmas Season for some of the families.  
Public Service Alliance of Canada local 70392 - Ottawa
Every Year, PSAC local 70395 (Canadian Museum of Nature) members vote in support of having a Solidarity/Charity fund as
part of our annual budget.  This money is used to support striking union members (either PSAC or another union), or if no
strike fund donation is necessary (always good news!), we use it for another group which is also in need of funds.

Unfortunately, we only learned of the USW striking locals yesterday and we have already sent the money from our fund to
another organization.  However, the local executive felt that we should do what we could within the limitations of our budget
as approved by the membership.  In response to the appeal for donations sent to PSAC locals by the national Component,
the executive committee of local 70395 has voted unaminously to send what we can to you for Operation Christmas Cheer
fund.  We hope that not only will the money help, but that it will also serve as an expression of our members' best wishes and
support.  Best Wishes  Allison
Canadian Auto Workers local 541 - Guelph
Wishing you and the striking Brothers and Sisters all the BEST.  Thank you for alerting us to this situation and giving us the
opportunity to help out.  Seasons Greetings & Solidarity.  Executive Board
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada local 571-0 - Ottawa
Enclosed you will find our donation for Operation Christmas Cheer program for 2005.  We hope that you are successful in
bringing Christmas to those who are struggling this year.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.  Chris
OPSEU Local 479 - Ottawa
I am very proud to report that the members of OPSEU 479 at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre have contributed to
Operation Cheer.  As mental health professionals we are keenly aware of the toll such a hardship can take on families
especially at this time of year associated with celebration.  We are also grateful to these Brothers and Sisters who in
pursuing collective bargaining in the face of such sacrifice are standing up for all working people!  We wish them joy,
justice and a speedy resolution.  Marlene - President
A Handful of Notes over the past 9 years...