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As President of Local 102-O, I want to personally thank
you and all the volunteers that went with you to
Pembroke and put smile on our 15 members faces, I
received many calls telling me how surprised and
grateful they are.  I also would like to thank everyone
who helped out and gave donations and time.  I would
like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

In Solidarity,
Kathleen Brady, President - CEP Local 102-O
Dear Sister Robinson,

The members of Local CEP 102-0 (Pembroke) would
like to extend our deepest gratitude to all members
who took the time and money to support us. All of you,
truly went above and beyond to make the holidays
easier. Not having everyone's email, to thank each
and every local for their support, I would ask you to
pass along our gratitude for this kind act.  You have
truly shown the meaning of Christmas as well as
The members of CEP local 102
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you
for organizing Operation Christmas Cheer.  The
members of my local who have been on strike
since September 23,2005 greatly appreciate the
financial donations that was provided by all
participating locals.  Your effort and generosity
will never be forgotten.
Yours in Solidarity,
Dan Lacasse - President - CEP 31x Espanola
Canadian Office & Professional Employees
Union Local 343 - Hamilton

Hamilton, ON - Members of the Canadian Office
& Professional Employees Union Cope Local
343 would like to wish everyone a Happy New
Year an all the best in 2007.  Operation
Christmas Cheer made our Christmas Season
a huge success.

Day eighty of our strike is fast approaching.  This
has been a very long strike particularly during
this time of year.  The weather is on our side
though and the sun is shining brightly.  Fortunate
for us, Operation Christmas Cheer is on our side
too.  Through Labours generosity our members
were able to have a “normal” Christmas morning
with family and friends.

Christmas is extra special when there are young
children gathered around the tree on Christmas
morning anxiously awaiting to open their gifts
with a sparkle in their eyes and a grin on their
faces.  Just one glimpse at those rosy cheeks
and smiling faces on Christmas morning says it
all.  Thank you for making that possible for our
young families.

Barb Rowell - COPE 343 Chief Steward
Thank you very much for all the support for our
members walking the line in Hawkesbury. Your
tremendous support will allow our members to
last one day longer. The Companies Corporate
agenda at the bargaining table is
unconscionable. Our members resolve to win is
incredible. With your support we will win. So once
again thank you so much for your help.

    Wayne Fraser
    USW Director District 6
    Ontario and Atlantic Canada
To all those who participated in making our Christmas
a happier time.  Your time, efforts, and donations were
greatly appreciated.  It is nice to know that there are
those out there willing to do for others in a time of
need.  We should all try to do what you have done for
us.  In keeping with the season, we are sending you
this note to show our thanks.  From all of us at USW
271 G.

In Solidarity,
Mike Gilliam - President
USW 271 G
On behalf of CEP Local 37x I want to express a very big
thank you to Operation Christmas Cheer.  Without the
help of all unions it could not have been possible.  It
has warmed our hearts and put smiles on the faces of
our members.

Operation Christmas Cheer provided a much brighter
time during the Holiday Season for us.  Thank you is
not nearly enough for all that our Sisters and Brothers
have done for this local.

n Solidarity,
Marcel Touchette
President - CEP 37x
On behalf of the families and members of CEP Local 37x, we would like to extend a sincere thank you to all
of the Locals that contributed to the Christmas Cheer.  Special thanks to Casandra and her husband for
delivering the Christmas Cheer while braving the Northern elements (winter storm and treacherous driving
conditions).  The letters of encouragement, food donations, vouchers and monetary donations were greatly
appreciated by all.

It is heartwarming to see that support continues to surround us after 15 months, especially during the
Holiday Season.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity has touched us deeply. We are blessed and very
grateful for being a part of the Communications, Energy and Paperworker’s Union.  Wishing you all a
healthy and prosperous new year.

In solidarity,
Rick Racine
President of CEP Local 37x
Dear Operation Christmas Cheer,

The Brantford and District Labour Council I would like to thank Operation Christmas Cheer on behalf of our
striking affiliate USW local 1-500 and the thousands of other striking workers across Ontario who were
supported this Christmas season. The compassion, care and solidarity shown again this year by
Operation Christmas Cheer has enabled these workers to continue their fight. It was a pleasure working
with Casandra Robinson and her team. They inspired our BDLC affiliates to dig deep and make significant
contributions to both OCC and our local campaigns. I would also like to thank CEP and all the other partner
unions and locals for their annual contributions that allow OCC to continue on this with this great program.
If we all all advocated for our members with the tenacity of the Operation Christmas Cheer team and their
supporters what a real leap forward we could make to our labour movement across this province.

In solidarity,
Don Guest
1st Vice President
Brantford and District Labour Council